Girls Varsity Soccer · 8th game of season: Win against New Prairie 10-0

0 New Prairie High School
10 Mishawaka High School
Away   Home
Away Home
New Prairie High School vs Mishawaka High School
0 10
1 -   6
2 -   4

There are last night’s game details:
Mishawaka 10 – 0 New Prairie At Baker Field
First Half:
Score: 6-0
M: 11 min: Maddie Buraczewski, assisted by Franny Parks
M: 21 min: Franny Parks, assisted by Kaleia Hartman
M: 28 min: Franny, assisted by Holly Bagarus
M: 33 min: Franny, assisted by Mariah Juarez
M: 33 min: Franny, assisted by Maddie
M: 36 min: Franny, assisted by Holly
Second Half:
M: 43 min: Franny, assisted by Maddie
M: 44 min: Mariah, assisted by Kaleia
M: 45 min: Kaleia, assisted by Franny
M: 49 min: Kaleia, assisted by Franny
Final Score 10 – 0.
I asked my players to play pass and go to goal, and high pressure to win ball back, we started very well, as I could see my team was working to achieve my instructions, however, a pass was off, too far or not to a team member and things broke down. Once the first goal went in they got it and spent the last 20 minutes feeding Franny Parks who scored five straight goals, to finish the half 6 to 0. Franny went on to score the next goal early in the second half, as the passing was fast and with purpose, scoring 4 goals in nine minutes to make the final score 10 -0. Then the JV players went on for the last 30 minutes to see out the game and they did very well. The defense played very well, with Alexis Katzelis, Skylar Kempf, and Mia Woods were solid back there, with Tay not having to make a save. Happy Birthday by the way to Tay. Mia Mason, came on to relieve Mia Woods and was exceptional. Maddie B, finally started to play like she has in practice and scored the first goal and made two more for her teammates. But once again it was Franny who was the highlight, but as I told her and the rest of the team, we must come out play like this against really good teams, and I think they will.
Current Team Record: 5-3.