Girls Varsity Soccer · 11th Game of Season, 1-7 lose to Plymouth HS

1 Mishawaka High School
7 Plymouth High School
Away   Home
Away Home
Mishawaka High School vs Plymouth High School
1 7
1 -   4
2 1   3

While off loading my bag of soccer balls and cooler, a young man came along and was obviously hurting and a member of the football team, and he said they won Friday night, and I was please for Keith and his team, well done!
Another NLC outing, this time against Plymouth HS, who started out the game as we expected, very good and ready to play, with my team standing up to the pressure, however, simple mistakes, lose of focus on marking and watching and not reacting to their movement we fell behind quite soon and often, but my team picked themselves up to play out the half with style and had the change to pull a couple of goals back, including a missed penalty. In the second half I felt we played very well, just let in goals that should have been cleared, in the end we did get a goal back and Kaleia Hartman scored a fine penalty. So we finish 1-7, but we are improving. THew JV team lost 0-2 but again played very well. After both teams recognized each other, I went over to see the three referees, who I felt were the best we have seen this season and I told them so. I went over to thank Stephanie the Plymouth coach, who I know. I went back to the referees and one of them felt he recognized me, and asked how long I had been the coach of Mishawaka, as he said this was the best team/game he had ever seen by a Mishawaka team, as he had refereed the team in the past, he was not expecting too much from us, but was very impressed with the way the girls played and never gave in. It was great to get such a compliment, but as said this new conference is proving a real challenge.