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Mishawaka Senior Spotlight Brianna McDonald

Brianna McDonald Tennis – Singles People who motivated me:  My family and Miss Stillson Favorite Mishawaka memory:  Working in the library with Miss Stillson.  We got really close and had continuous laughter:) Favorite Quote:  “You’ll regret 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Advice for underclassmen:  Be involved and make memories.  Don’t just try to

Remembering Steve Dermody

A man who was a  1999 Mishawaka  grad, a father of 2 young boys, husband, youth coach, and huge Cavemen supporter passed away Friday unexpectedly.  Mishawaka Athletics would like to pass along our condolences as many are remembering Steve Dermody. The 40 year old loved sports and especially watching and coaching his kids.  Friends and

Mishawaka Senior Spotlight Nick Hoopingarner

 Nick Hoopingarner Basketball and Baseball Center, Power Forward, 1st base, Outfield People who motivated me:  My parents motivated me and continue to motivate me each and every day. They push me to be the best me I can be, and for that I am forever grateful.  Favorite Mishawaka Memory:  Our 2019 baseball postseason run Favorite

Mishawaka Senior Spotlight Hailey Buchner

Hailey Buchner Swimming 4 years, Soccer 2017 & 2018, Freshman Cheer, Track & Field 2017 & 2018 Position or event: 200 freestyle, 500 freestyle, 100 backstroke Has there been a person who has motivated you or supported you through your journey?  My grandmother was my motivation and my biggest supporter my entire life and continues

Mishawaka Senior Spotlight Rachel Gomez

Rachel Gomez Soccer Captain and Tennis Has there been a person who has motivated you or supported you through your journey?  My parents have motivated me the most throughout my journey. They were there for every loss and every win. Favorite Mishawaka Memory: My favorite Mishawaka Memory was probably scoring the game winning goal against

Taylor Gabler’s Mental Tip of the Week “Opportunities or Threats”

Everyday we encounter small and large difficulties.  They are part of life.  In sports specifically, sprints were always difficult for me.  I did not enjoy them.  But when I was injured, I was forced to take a timeout from my sport.  I was unable to run for 9 months.  Kind of similar to what a

Mishawaka Senior Spotlight Caiya Raes

 Caiya Raes  Varsity Cheerleading Has there been a person who has motivated you or supported you through your journey?  Many people have been there and supported me through my journey. Without the help of my coaches, family, and friends, my experience definitely wouldn’t have been the same.  Favorite Mishawaka Memory: My senior night during football season

Mishawaka Weekly Workout to Stay Cavemen Ready with Michael Szerszen

Cavemen Ready Week of April 13 2020 “CAVEMEN READY” WORKOUT       WEEK OF APRIL 13, 2020 3 Times a week – MONDAY, WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY SUPERSET ONE (4 Rounds) Bodyweight Squat x15 You can hold a weighted back pack or dumbbell for extra resistance Push-Ups x10 or more reps You can hold a weighted

Mishawaka Senior Spotlight Abri’yana Udongo

Ambri’yana Udongo Cross Country, Basketball, Soccer, Track Baketball-Power Forward, Soccer-Defense, Track 400 M, High Jump , 4 x 400 , 4 x 100 Favorite Mishawaka Memory:  Running in the state meet my junior year after tearing my ACL my sophomore year. Favorite college or professional team:  USC Favorite quote:  “Every reason you wanna give up