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Mishawaka Senior Spotlight Tyler Pierson

Tyler Pierson Football and Baseball Outside Linebacker, Defensive End and Outfielder Has there been a person who has motivated you or supported you through your journey?  CJ Fisher showed me what it took to excel not just on the field but off the field. Favorite Mishawaka Memory: Both of the semi- state runs in football and

Cavemen Athletics Help The Mishawaka Food Pantry

When the Spring athletic seasons were canceled, it left a stockpile of food and drinks sitting in storage at Mishawaka High School.  Many of the items were going to expire before the athletic department would be able to offer them to Cavemen Fans.  Something had to be done before or the concessions would just have

Taylor Gabler Gives Advice About a “Mental Rehearsal” to Stay Cavemen Ready

“Have you ever heard the phrase “Practice Makes Perfect” before?  I’m sure you have and I’m sure you understand the concept that the more you practice something the better you get at it.  Unfortunately many of us can’t practice our sport right now.   But what if I told you you can maintain a perfect performance

Mishawaka Senior Spotlight Brandon Pierson

Brandon Pierson Baseball and Football Have there been people who have supported you through your journey?  My mom, dad, grandparents and my girlfriend Favorite Mishawaka Memory:  I would have to say it was when I met Haley Keuhn the love of my life Favorite college or professional team:  Michigan Favorite quote:  Optimism is the faith that leads

Cavemen Ready Workouts May 3, 2020 with Michael Szerszen

“CAVEMEN READY” WORKOUTS      WEEK OF MAY 3 MONDAY, WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY  TOTAL BODY CIRCUIT: 4 Rounds w/ 90 Seconds Rest between Circuits 1.) PAUSE SQUAT                 x10 (2 second pause at bottom) you can hold a weighted back pack or dumbbell for extra resistance 2.) PUSH-UPS                         x10 or more reps (do as many

Mishawaka Senior Spotlight Derrick Dawson

Derrick Dawson Football Linebacker/Baseball Catcher Has there been a person who has motivated you or supported you through your journey? My father, coaches, and teammates. Favorite Mishawaka Memory:  Every memory counted! Favorite college or professional team: White Sox, Bears Favorite quote: “Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail” Advice for underclassmen: Just have fun kids, don’t

Mishawaka Senior Spotlight Donovan Snyder

Donovan Snyder Football, Basketball, Baseball  Running back, Safety, Guard, and Center Field Has there been a person who has motivated you or supported you through your journey?  My parents have motivated and supported me throughout my high school career in every sport. Whether it was coming to all my games, washing clothes late at night,

“Stay Where your Feet Are” Cavemen Ready with Taylor Gabler

Former Mishawaka Basketball Star Taylor Gabler is now a Sports Performance Coach at Ball State University.  Her advice for MHS student athletes is “Stay Where Your Feet Are”. “I have a quick question for you.  Where are your feet?  It’s a weird question I know, but the 2nd question I have for you is where

Mishawaka Senior Spotlight Kaelei Johnson

 Kaelei Johnson Cheerleader – BackSpot   Has been there a person who has motivated or supported you through your journey?  My mom has been the biggest support with my cheerleading career, from kindergarten sign-up summer-camps to  every high school game, she’s made sure I’ve made it to every event on my schedule.   Favorite Mishawaka