Mishawaka Return to Play Guidelines



These guidelines have been prepared as an addendum to School City of Mishawaka’s “Roadmap to Reopening School City of Mishawaka”. Considerations were made with suggestions by St. Joe Health Systems “Athletic Facilities Re-entry Considerations”. Other resources consulted were The NFHS statement “Guidance For Opening Up High School Athletics and Activities” and the document “Indiana’s Considerations for Learning and Safe Schools In-Class COVID-19 Health and Safety Re-entry Guidance”.      

IMPORTANT: The information in this document continues to evolve in accordance with ongoing updates and guidelines from local and state health officials.  


Per the State of Indiana’s order, face masks have been mandated for all not engaged in strenuous activity. Players on the bench, essential coaching staff members, official table personnel, line judges and officials must wear a mask at all times. Use of face masks by game officials will be determined by IHSAA guidelines. 

  • All coaches and student athletes traveling in a building must have a face covering on.
  • Social Distancing is encouraged at all times. It is mandated that coaches, participants and non-participants wear face coverings when distancing is limited and the individual is not participating in rigorous activity.
  • When not working out, keep a reasonable distance from teammates when possible.
  • Do not attend workouts if you are not feeling well, have a fever of over 100.4°, or exhibit any of the following symptoms: shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, recent loss of smell or taste, cough, sore throat, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, fever, chills, body aches, headache, congestion, runny nose, or have recently been exposed to the COVID-19 virus. 
  • Coaches will screen athletes before each practice and contest and document those results on Final Forms.
  • If a coach or student athlete reports any symptoms or exposure to someone with COVID-19, that person will be sent home. That individual should be immediately reported to an Athletic Director (Dean Huppert, Sherry Keyser & Julie Fisette). The AD will then report that information to our Athletic Trainers and our COVID-19 Task Force (Jerome Calderone & Kory LaBonne). If necessary, they will provide information to the St. Joe County Health Department.



  • If a student athlete is a “Close Contact” they will be asked to quarantine for 14 days. If there are no symptoms during that time, the student athlete can return, but must complete 6 practices on 6 separate days before competing.
  • If a student athlete tests positive, they will be told to stay home and isolate for 10 days.


      1. Before returning, a documented medical exam should be performed clearing the athlete to participate. The athlete will give the doctor’s note to the athletic trainer.
      2. Before returning, the athlete must sign a waiver or get an ECG/EKG and turn that documentation in to the athletic trainer.
      3. After returning, the athlete must go through a 6-day return to play protocol. The athlete will work with the coach and athletic trainer on a graduated return to play.


  • Return to sport guidelines will be addressed by the Athletic Trainer while working with the SCM COVID Task Team if necessary.
  • The NFHS SMAC does not recommend COVID-19 testing of asymptomatic student athletes.  
  • If an individual gets tested, it is highly recommended that they not get a “rapid test”. These tests are not considered accurate and won’t be acknowledged for return to play.
  • If you choose to get tested, wait 3-5 days after exposure to get accurate results.
  • BUS TRANSPORTATION: Student athletes and coaches should sit no more than 1 person to a seat. If possible, allow an empty row between persons sitting on the same side of the bus. All student athletes & coaches will be assigned seats. The individual will sit in the same seat for travel to and from competitions. All athletes & coaches should wear face masks at all times while on the bus. There will be no eating on the bus. Each seat will be cleaned with CDC approved sanitizer before initial use for a trip, during the competition, and following. 
  • If student athletes or coaches travel out of state, it is recommended that the individual self monitor for symptoms.
  • If athletes want to ride to and from events with a parent or guardian, they must sign a waiver from the athletic office at least 24 hours prior to the event.
  • All athletes will be required to bring their own identified water bottle and towel everyday. The Athletic Department issues those to each athlete the first day of workouts. Bottles and towels are not to be shared and taken home after every practice, to be cleaned and refilled.   
  • Locker rooms will be available for equipment storage and capacity may be limited. Students are expected to shower at home and wash clothing after each session.
  • Balls and other equipment shared by athletes will be sanitized at the end of each session.
  • No parents will be allowed during conditioning sessions. Only student participants, coaches, medical staff, and school personnel should be in attendance. 
  • The Irions Strength and Conditioning room will have reduced numbers dictated by space and the phase we’re in dictated by the IDOE.
  • Water fountains should not be utilized except for filling water bottles. 
  • No celebratory contact (high 5’s, fist bumps,etc.) should be made between teammates & coaches.   
  • Athletic Training Room will be limited to AT’s and student athletes, and no one is allowed in when an AT is not present. Masks should be worn at all times in the room and social distancing measures will be enforced.
  • Medical staff will limit physical contact with student athletes to only medically appropriate and needed activities.
  • Coaches will instruct athletes to social distance and work in small groups when possible.   
  • Each sport must register their activity days in the office of the Athletic Directors at least 10 days in advance. The in season sports will take precedence over the next season sports.
  • Coaches will limit any physical contact with athletes unless appropriately needed.
  • In season teams are allowed to have full team practices and contests per IHSAA guidelines. Small group activities within the team should still be used as much as possible.  
  • Locker rooms and meeting rooms should remain at 50% capacity if possible.  
  • All teams and officials should adhere to IHSAA Guidelines when participating as described in the following link: COVID-19 Resource Center  
  • All media requests need to be approved by an AD or Communications Director Meg Sauer.