Cavemen News · Mishawaka Athletic Hall of Fame Inductions Postponed

The Mishawaka Athletic Hall of Fame inducts a new class every other year.  This Spring will not be one of those years because of the concerns with the COVID-19 pandemic still looming.  “It’s been a tradition since 1986 to bring the greatest athletes in Mishawaka history together for a celebration,” said Mishawaka Director of Athletics Dean Huppert.  “With all of the challenges in front of us, the committee of 18 members decided to postpone the event until the Spring of 2022.  This is a gathering of a large number of people.  It’s a banquet.  We do it right.  And we’ll have a great celebration for the next class when we do get together.”







The only other time inductions took more than 2 years was back when this all started.  The first class was inducted in the Fall of 1986 and the next came in the Spring of ’89.  Back then, organizers wisely found a time that wasn’t conflicting with the start of the school year.   To date, there are 138 inductees on the wall near the west entrance of the high school.







Nominations for the next class of Hall of Famers will begin September of 2021 and stay open until December.  There are two category in which to choose from:

  1.  The Student Category for former MHS students who have passed the 9th anniversary of the commencement of their graduating class who have made a significant contribution to high school, college, amateur or professional athletics.
  2. The General Category for those who were not MHS students but who have made a significant contribution to the success of the Mishawaka High School athletic program.

For more information, contact Mishawaka Director of Athletics Dean Huppert at