Cavemen News · Cavemen Ready for Life With Taylor Gabler

Mishawaka graduate and Ball State Sports Performance Coach Taylor Gabler gives us this weeks tip to stay Cavemen Ready for life.  “This week I’ve been reflecting on what I would tell my high school self.  And the theme that keeps coming up is this will not last forever in terms of my time spent there and planning for the future.  You will not be a Mishawaka Athlete for the rest of your life.  And that can be a little bit scary but I think it’s also extremely exciting.  So this week I want to take Cavemen Ready a little bit farther and ask the question, “Are you ready for life”?   It’s coming and it’s exciting but do you know what you’re passionate about and do you know what you want to do in the future.  If you do how to get there.  Most importantly, do you know who you are without athletics?  These are huge questions but thinking about them now will help us transition out of Mishawaka and set us up for success in our next adventure.  So this week, get Cavemen Ready for Life.  It’s coming and so make sure you’re prepared.  Make it a great week and stay Cavemen Ready in all forms.”