Cavemen News · Chadd Blasko Interview – Mishawaka Girls Varsity Basketball Coach

Chadd Blasko has been a teacher at Mishawaka for 10 years.  The 1999 MHS graduate played baseball and basketball for the Cavemen.   The Mishawaka Athletic Hall of Famer went on to play baseball at Purdue where he earned his degree.  He was also drafted in the first round by the Chicago Cubs Organization.   He was once named the organizations top minor league pitcher.  He spent 5 years with the Cubs farm teams and one year with the Orioles before an injury forced him to hang up the cleats.

When he came back to Mishawaka, he knew he wanted to coach.  After years as an assistant baseball  and boys basketball assistant, Blasko took over as the 8th grade girls basketball coach last season.  He enjoyed it so much that when the varsity job came open, he wasted no time applying.  In this interview conducted by Mishawaka Director of Athletics Dean Huppert, Blasko talks about his love for Mishawaka and why this is the right time for him to take over his own team.

“I’m very excited for this position.  It’s just a new chapter in my coaching career and I get to do something I’ve wanted to do for a while and it’s been one of my goals to be the head coach.  i’ve always been the 2nd man in charge in a sense and now I get to run the ship I would like to and I’m very excited.”

What do you want them to know about you and your program?

“I’m all about integrity and having a great attitude.  And not just teaching great basketball but teaching young kids, and in this case young women, and trying to do the best I can because after sports they have lives.  And part of my job is not just being a basketball coach, but mentor them to be great young women in the future.”

Tell me about this place and how much it means to you in your heart.

“In my heart, Mishawaka is me.  That’s who I am, that’s all I’ve known is Mishawaka.  Playing sports here.  Being a student here.  Coaching here.  Teaching here.  It’s now coming full circle that literally most of my life has been Mishawaka and I have so much pride in this school and going to this school.  And that’s also what I carry when I come into these doors.”

It’s important to you.  This program is important to you and I’m sure you are looking for full support from our community.

“Absolutely I’d like to have full support from everyone, but unfortunately, based on the last seasons, maybe that’s going to be the norm for Mishawaka girls basketball.  That is not going to be the norm.  Plans are to change that and change a vision and change a culture of winning.  And I want my girls to expect to win basketball games.  To expect to come to practice and work hard and then that will carry over into the games.  And not have an expectation where something bad is going to happen.  We’re always going to have a positive attitude and we’re going to expect to win, but it’s going to take time.”

We’re going through challenging times.  I bet you’re itching for that time, but to do it safely and to understand that maybe we lost something there for a little bit, but now we’re going to get it back.

“That’s a great question because I am bistomg at the seam,  I finally got this new role and unfortunately with certain limitations we can’t do anything yet.  Yes I can do things on the computer which can still get the job done.  But just having a team meeting.  Having a team meeting face to face, setting the presence.   I just can’t wait.  I’m excited.”