Cavemen News · Mishawaka Senior Spotlight – Lauryn Hallaert

Lauryn Hallaert

Cheerleading and Track

Favorite college  team:  Notre Dame
Favorite Quote:  “How lucky I am having something that makes saying goodbye so hard” -Winnie the Pooh. it reminds me how grateful I am for the memories I made at MHS. I’m so lucky that saying goodbye is hard because of the amazing time I spent here at  MHS.
Advice to underclassmen:  DON’T WAIT TO TRY SOMETHING NEW! If you want to try out for the sport DO IT. I am so sad I waited till senior year to try track. The bonds I created with the girls are unbreakable. It was always smiles and positive energy even after a lactate day.  After the fact, we all wanted to vomit, but shortly after in the locker rooms we would just laugh and have a good time.
Plans after high school:  Attend Purdue in West Lafayette and major in Law and Society, or Nutrition, Fitness and Health.  I’m still deciding between the two.
Message to athletes or fans:  If you have a goal for yourself set it and chase it.  If you are wanting to play a sport, make it your goal to get on that team.  If you don’t make it, try again.  Never give up and keep your head up.
Message to my team:  Thank you MHS cheer for the three years you gave me at MHS and the journey it took me on. You guys pushed me to discover skills I didn’t know I had.   If I had one wish, it would to be to redo the 3 years I had with you guys.