Cavemen News · Mishawaka Motivation with Bill Doba – Presented by: Elkhart Brass

In this week’s Mishawaka Motivation, former Mishawaka Football Coach Bill Doba said, “There are many things that athletics do.  One it teaches you discipline.  You have to be there, you have to be on time.  Two, it teaches you teamwork.  You learn to work with other people.   Three, it teaches you tolerance.  That kid who is blocking for you or you’re blocking for him, he judges you for what you do, not who you are.  He doesn’t care if you are black, white, green, purple, Christian or Muslim.  There are many many things that team athletics will do for your character.”

Doba was the coach at Mishawaka from 1971-76 and took the Cavemen to the state finals in 1974 where the Cavemen became state runner-ups.  He went from Mishawaka to the college game where he was an assistant at IU, Purdue, the Citadel, and Washington State.  He spend time as an assistant at WSU from 1989-2002 before becoming the head coach oft eh Cougars from 2003-2007.  Doba was inducted into the Mishawaka Athletic Hall of Fame in 1986 and later inducted into the Indiana High School Football Hall of Fame in 2001.