Cavemen News · Mishawaka Motivation with Dean Huppert – Presented by: Elkhart Brass

Time for this week’s Mishawaka Motivation.  Mishawaka Schools Director of Athletics Dean Huppert says,   “To make great teams everyone from the coach to the players to the managers need to bring it.  Bring energy. Be positive. Be a great teammate.   Every day is a new opportunity to get better.  Bring it in practice and it will carry over.   Be positive energy to your team.  Everyone can feel it.  That teammate with negative energy or their own agenda.  It’s better they stay home.  Coaches need people who are open to learning. Adapt to change.  When a coach asks where do you play?  Your answer should be, Where do you need me to play?   I’ve witnessed the highs of hundreds of state titles.  Ive been fortunate and been part of teams that have won multiple championships in multiple sports.  Talent is one part.  But that drive.  Positive energy.  Bring a great teammate.   Trusting each other.  Having great chemistry.  When it comes down to it.  That’s what fuels success. “