Cavemen News · The Cavemen Don’t Talk About “I” – Mishawaka Coaches Show Presented By: Indiana Army National Guard

Mishawaka Head Football Coach Keith Kinder said the 0-6 record of St. Joe has not been talked about.  The Cavemen are treating this like an NIC North Conference Championship game.  After beating 5-0 Elkhart Central last week, Kinder said Mishawaka is now back in the conversation.  New Prairie is still unbeaten in the conference and they play Penn this week.  The game last year against St. Joe came down to a critical 4th down play for the Cavemen that Mishawaka converted.  They also needed a St. Joe missed field goal at the end to hold onto the victory.

In this week’s Mishawaka Coaches Show presented by: Indiana Army National Guard, Kinder said he leans heavily on his assistant coaches to do their jobs.  He said they have a very cohesive group, that spends a lot of time together and has fun away from the practice field.  Kinder emphasized that “I” is not a word that is used around Mishawaka Football.   Coach said, “We don’t say I when talking about Mishawaka Football.  It’s a lot more than the current  coaches and players.  It’s about the players and coaches who have come before, and to be honest with you, it’s a lot about the coaches and players who are going to come after us.  We’re just kind of the place holders and the ones who are supposed to be taking care of this for the next generation that’s coming.”

Mishawaka hopes to get better this week and improve their 4-2 record by traveling to South Bend St. Joseph.  Kickoff is set for 7 pm.  You can hear the game on 96.1 FM or watch on The Mishawaka Network via YouTube.