Cavemen News · Mishawaka Beat Penn October 2, 2009 Mishawaka Memory Presented by: Celebrations Palace


On October 2, 2009, Penn High School’s 153 game NIC winning streak ended, while the Cavemen started a 4 game winning streak against the Kingsmen.  To this date, no other NIC team besides Mishawaka has beaten Penn since 1985.  Mishawaka fans packed Steele Stadium with great anticipation.   MHS was close in 2008 dropping games 21-14 in the regular season and 14-7 in overtime in the Sectional.  On this October night the Maroon faithful would not be disappointed.   Cortez Lee rushed for 3 touchdowns and threw for one as more than 8,000 fans watched on.  Mishawaka beat #1 ranked Penn 26-10 to set off a celebration that was felt across the state.

This Mishawaka Memory has been brought to you by Celebrations Palace in Mishawaka.