Cavemen News · Mishawaka Has 7 All Stars Representing the North

Mishawaka will have 7 athletes representing the North at Indiana All Star events this summer.  Jacob Roeder  shot an 84 at  playing against the best players in the state.   Roeder and the All Stars golfed at Winding Ridge Golf Club in Indianapolis.   Roeder said of Mishawaka Golf, “It’s given me something to look forward to.  It’s given me something to strive for.  It’s always been that constant for me.This weekend seniors Megan Fry will represent Mishawaka as part of the North South All Star Softball event in Bloomington.  And Grant Jablonski, recently named MVP for the Cavemen Baseball team will play for the North in the IHSBCA North-South All Star Game.   Jablonski and his teammates will play at the Gary O’Neal Field at Madison High School.  Fry said of playing in the all star event, “It’s a great feeling to play in just one more game.   I got really excited for that.  Even though it’s for my accomplishments, it’s just being able to play one more game.”  Jablonski agreed, “Just working through the Mishawaka baseball program.  Going through the camps as a kid.  Playing little league here in town, and then going to the North South All Star game is really special.”






And Mishawaka Football will have two players, a manager and an assistant coach at the 2019 IFCA North-South All Star Football Classic.   Mishawaka Running back Chris Harness and quarterback Sam Shively will be among the 46 players representing the North.  In addition, Manager Sami Long and Assistant Coach Kyle Shaw will all take their Cavemen pride with them to represent the north. The game will take place Friday July 12th at North Central High School in Indianapolis.







Shaw told us, “Any kind of award that you get or any type of prestige you get as a coach attributes back to your prior team.  We had such a great season last season, and now I get to be rewarded for that.”  His players said this is a big deal, “It’s an honor to be able to represent my school in such a big game,” said Harness.  “I thought my last game was going to be here at Steele Field with my friends and my brothers, but i get another chance to play another high school game.”   Long said, “I was very surprised.  I didn’t know they did managers for (the all star game).  I’ve been a manager for 4 years.  I enjoy it a lot and made great memories.”  Shively said he is looking forward to the experience.  “It’s exciting because it’s one more week of football for me.  Not everybody gets that.”

In addition to the All Stars participating in the games, longtime Mishawaka Assistant Football Coach Ross Perri will be honored at halftime of the North South Football game for 40 years of coaching.  Perri announced earlier this year that he was hanging up the whistle and enjoying watching the Cavemen as a retired coach.